Who's Who at UEU: May Teacher Feature on Ellie Salky

Ellie’s Stats:

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Educational discipline or field: Early Childhood Education from Indiana University


Ellie’s Professional Beliefs:


I believe in a educating the whole child.  Education should balance social and emotional and academic teaching.  I work to create a strong classroom community and nurturing environment. I believe that when students are given a well-rounded classroom experience they are more willing to take academic risks and are more accepting of cultural differences. 

Typical activities or projects that reflect core professional beliefs:


My students participate in various cooperative learning activities.  When students work together I find they build problem solving, communication, and team building skills.  We participate in think-pair-shares, author studies, and math center activities.  We also take a lot of brain breaks! My students love Cosmic Kids yoga and Just Dance.  We always start the day with a morning meeting.  My students have to opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, and questions during this time. 


The Interview


What’s your secret to staying sane?


There is never a dull moment at Rogers Park, so staying sane is key! I love baking and trying new recipes (even though some of them turn out as Pinterest fails).  I love work out classes.  Pure Barre is my favorite- ladies you should give it a try.  Sometimes I just need a Netflix marathon.  I can watch Criminal Minds for hours!


What are your favorite open ed (free!) resources?


I use Teachers Pay Teachers, ReadWorks, and PBS Kids.  I also love Cosmic Kids for movement and brain breaks. 


If money was no object, what would you have in your classroom and why?

If money was no object I would take my class on field trips around the world.  We would be just like the Magic School Bus! Experiencing the things we read and learn about would be fun and valuable.  We would be able to experience other cultures, ways of life, and participate in hands on learning. 


 How do you stay organized?

I share my classroom with 32 first graders, so it can get cluttered and messy very easily.  I assign classroom jobs that help keep the classroom clean.  My students love their jobs and take them very seriously.  Students can be floor monitors, material managers, and desk inspectors.  They are great about keeping materials and spaces clean and organized.  I also have crates and binders in the classroom full of learning materials.  I have them labeled so they are easy to find and reuse!


What types of technology would you use in your classroom and why?

I think 1:1 IPads would be great! This would allow for more individualized instruction.  Students could work on content that is challenging yet within their reach.  This technology would also keep students engaged and motivated. 




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