Professional Development Committee

In negotiating our contract, our teachers agreed that our union should be one that elevates the teaching profession through aiding our members in career advancement in addition to giving them a voice at the decision-making table at UNO. This committee will be responsible for ensuring that this critical piece of our agenda plays out. This committee will connect our teachers with PD and CPDU opportunities, aide our members in obtaining prestigious credentials (i.e. National Board Certification), identify and position members at the table with management to improve aspects of our schools, and celebrate the great work that our members do on a daily basis.

Political Education Committee

It is not enough for us to address the issues only at the school level. This committee will perform non-partisan analyses of Ed policy and political candidates to position our members to make informed decisions and take proper action on issues that impact our students and professions.

Organizing Committee

The strength of our collective voice is only as a powerful as the investment and knowledge of our members. This committee will work in conjunction with the other committees, Building Representatives, Executive council, and Local leaders in order to build solidarity among our members, educate them on the issues, organize actions when necessary, and partner with other organizations to maximize our impact.

Professional Solutions Committee

The goal of this committee is to bring our members and administrators together in anticipating, preventing, and solving issues facing our organization. We are committed to working collaboratively with management to improve our schools. This team will identify issues and determine solutions to share with management at regular meetings.

Grievance Committee

This committee will manage and streamline the grievance process among our campuses. This team will also collaborate with other committees to identify at a school level potential issues to resolve in our Professional Solutions meetings.

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